Beef Nutrition

Beef Nutrition Facts

Learn more about the beef you love. From steaks, to roasts, to ground beef, we’ve got it all. And we have the information you need to choose the right beef cut! So you can enjoy the delicious taste of Black Angus Beef.

10 Essential Nutrients

Nutrient% Daily ValueBenefits
Protein48% DVProtein preserves and builds muscle.
B1244% DVB12 helps maintain brain function.
Selenium40% DVSelenium protects cells from damage.
Zinc36% DVZinc helps maintain a healthy immune system.
Niacin26% DVNiacin supports energy production and metabolism.
B622% DVB6 helps maintain brain function.
Phosphorus19% DVPhosphorus helps build strong bones and teeth.
Choline16% AI*Choline supports nervous system development.
Iron12% DVIron helps your body use oxygen.
Riboflavin10% DVRiboflavin helps convert food into fuel.

DV = Daily Value helps you know how much of a food contributes to average daily needs. Each nutrient is based on 100% of the daily requirements for that nutrient (based on a 2000-calorie diet and a 3-oz serving of lean beef.)
*AI – Adequate Intake