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Fresh. Delicious. Angus.

The primary goal of Black Angus Beefis to deliver the very best American, grain-finished Angus beef to you. It’s why our rich, grain-fed beef is USDA certified for exceptional quality and consistency. And why our tender, one-of-kind beef captures the essence of premium flavor that has made Angus beef the most famous beef in the world. We invite you now to discover even more reasons why Black Angus Beef is the one-of-a-kind eating experience that is Fresh. Delicious. Angus.

Our Ranchers,
A Legacy of Angus

At the 1873 Kansas City Livestock Exposition, one new star stole the show- a magnificent jet-black Angus bull that was the talk of all the Midwest ranchers gathered there. Not only were they impressed with how this big and hearty Scottish breed was built to survive the land’s bitter winters, they couldn’t believe that the beef could also be so truly tender and delicious. Today, whenever you see the Black Angus Beef seal, you can rest assured that the very same folks who introduced Angus beef to America so long ago are proudly carrying on the tradition of delivering Angus beef at its best. And because Black Angus is affordably priced, every hard-working family can enjoy this top quality beef whenever they like.

Meet Our Ranchers

Our rancher families work diligently to take care of their cattle to bring you the best product possible. They regulate their cattle’s diet, take care of their health, and ensure that Black Angus Beef is only the best.
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Meet Roger Giles
See how our ranchers keep cattle roaming for generations to come.
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Stock Feeder
Find out how our stockers safely transition their cattle to a balanced diet.
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Buffalo Feeders
Feedlot owners work to ensure cattle are healthy and strong.
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Meet Irsik & Doll
Custom cattle feeders discuss the importance of animal nutrition.